Exercises Woman

exercises woman
exercises woman

Here are some different good exercises for woman. 


Some women think heavy lifting, or lifting at all, is not an exercise for woman. Often they don't do it in fear on growing big muscles or not loosing enough fat. But this is not true, it is harder for a woman to get big muscles than men, and it requires a lot of hard work to bulk up for real. And also when you build up some muscles they will burn more calories.

Remember, there is no shortcut, like any other exercise is should not be too easy for you. You should be sweating and sometimes it should be hard to continue - otherwise you are not challenging yourself enough. 

But if you start lifting, don't expect results on the scale, instead look yourself in the mirror. But remember that it also takes time to shape the body, so get in for a long run. If you are insecure on how do to the different exercises, most gyms have a walk-through on the machines and on other exercises.

Seas the opportunity to ask how to use different equipments, such as a barbell and dumbbells, and look at the exercises for woman below.


There is endless things to do with dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells at the gym or at home. Here are some examples:

Curl barbell or dumbbellWhen you do a curl you are exercising your arms, mostly the biceps. Take a barbell and put on weight, or keep one dumbbell in each hand. Stand shoulder-width apart and remember to keep your elbows locked to your sides. Curl the arm up, with your palms facing your body. Stop when you almost reach your shoulders and lower your arm back to starting position.


It is also important to have a strong back. When you do a dumbbell shrug, it targets your "trap", a large muscle in your upper back. Take one dumbbell in each hand, have your arms extended at your sides. Then raise your shoulders as far up toward your head as you can. 

Exercise the lower back by doing it from a bench with secured legs. Then have a weight, a plate, hold it with both hands to your chest. Then bend your back over the bench and raise your back slowly up again. Repeat. 


When you do cardio exercises, add on some interval training. Do the cardio training hard for one minute or two minutes and then slow down for a couple of minutes and continue like that when you swim, bike, run or whatever cardio exercise you do. 

Also alternate your training, you might have a favorite cardio class that you do every week but try another class, go for a harder one or just a complete different class, otherwise your body gets too comfortable.


You can use weights, exercise your body and get cardio, all in one. How? By doing things like lunges, squats, jumps and a wall sit. Keep a dumbbell or a kettlebell in both hands and then do the usual lunge or squat. This will exercise your quadriceps, read more about it here.

The quadriceps muscle group is a large muscle group and you will get your heart rate up when you exercise this muscle with explosive moves. Also dare to use heavier weights and this will also give you stronger muscles and get your heart rate up. 


Stand with your legs together and take a step forward, with the right leg. Go down until your leg is in a 90 degree angle, lift yourself up with your legs in an explosive movement and then do the same 8-10 times, switch to the other leg. Have a good posture and contract your stomach. Do the set 3 times on both legs.